ASWCD, together with our partner agencies, offers technical
assistance and financial incentives to landowners who choose to
implement best management practices (BMPs) to conserve soil
and water resources while assuring long-term sustainable use of
private property. ASWCD's projects are voluntary and non-regulatory.

Want to see examples of the kind of projects we do with
landowners? Take a look at the final report on phase one of the
Little Weiser River Stream Bank Protection and Rehabilitation

The report will show you where the money came from and how it
was spent, the amount of stream bank restored and resulting
sediment reduction, and the types of BMPs that might help address
problems on your property. This project was made possible through
a 319 grant from Idaho's Department of Environmental Quality.
Adams Soil & Water Conservation District
Adams Soil & Water
Conservation District
Adams County, Idaho

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ASWCD is an equal
opportunity provider
Newly installed rock barbs and willows will help stabilize this eroding bank on
the Little Weiser River in Indian Valley, protecting the landowner's property
and reducing sediment in the stream. As the vegetation matures, it will shade
the stream to reduce water temperature, improving habitat for fish and other
aquatic species.